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Green Ghost Salsa

Made with green ghost peppers, Green Ghost Salsa is just one of Chelten House Products' flavor innovations in the realm of salsas, sauces and marinades

Made with green ghost peppers, Green Ghost Salsa by Bridgeport, N.J.-based Chelten House Products is just one of the company’s recent flavor innovations, influenced by the trend toward novel, ethnic-inspired ingredient combinations with a focus on health and wellness. The salsa — along with the company’s Organic Smokey Tomato, Carrot Pasta Sauce and its Poke Marinade — swept the “Sauces, Soups and Marinades” category in Store Brands Editors’ Picks competition this year. Chelten House’s culinary team aims to be bold and cutting-edge in its development of unique products and recipes, the company states on its website.